Castra Regina - camp at (river) Regen - that’s how the Romans called Regensburg, which is now the fourth biggest city in Bavaria. Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany and the city’s history already begins in 179 AD, when there was a Roman camp. Today, more than 150.000 inhabitants live in Regensburg and the world cultural heritage town enchants visitors with its ancient, medieval charm.

A town makes history

Not only the Romans knew how to take advantage of the town at the river Regen in terms of its strategical location. The Frankish Kings highly valued Regensburg as an emporium, too. In the 13th century Regensburg became a free imperial city, and everyone who visits today the large and glorious kingdom hall in the old Town Hall, maybe understands why the city became the centre of the “immerwaehrende Reichstag” (everlasting Diet) between 1663 and 1803. Many buildings in Regensburg date from the Middle Ages and that was one reason for UNESCO to declare the historical centre of Regensburg as world cultural heritage. Anyone who walks through Regensburg takes a walk into the history of the town itself. The “Porta Praetoria”, the Stone Bridge with “Bruckmandl” built in 1135, is one of the places of interest you should not miss. The St. Peter Cathedral, the Golden Tower and St. Emmeran Castle are the town’s landmark and can be seen from large distances. St. Emmeran Castle is home to the family “von Thurn und Taxis” and is actually, with its 500 rooms, the biggest inhabited castle in Germany. In Regensburg many interesting places of interest are waiting for you. Our holiday flat is located in the middle of Regensburg and is therefore a perfect initial point for excursions into the city.

Places of interest in Regensburg


“Neupfarrplatz Neupfarrkirche”, St. Jakob Church with the “Schottenportal” relief of Dani Caravan (shows the floor plan of a medieval synagogue), “Document Neupfarrplatz” (guides through the former Jewish quarter in Regensburg). Other Recommendations: “Jakobhaus”, “Goliathhaus”, the historical museum, “Ostdeutsche Galerie” (gallery) and “Historische Wurstkuchl”.

“Regensburger Domspatzen” and more - culture in Regensburg

When it comes to culture, the town is best known for its world famous boys’ choir ”Regensburger Domspatzen”. But Regensburg offers far more than choral singing: the world cultural heritage town excels in an outstanding cultural program and many cultural events throughout the year: plays, concerts and exhibitions, interesting museums and traditional festivals.
Regensburg combines the old with the new, a town with history, looking ahead, lively and vibrant, full of energy and vitality.
Regensburg is also popular as a student city. Besides a high class University there are many pubs, bars and cafes - not only for the younger people. Not for nothing Regensburg is sometimes called the “northernmost city in Italy”.

Regensburg is just one-of-a-kind in Bavaria!