Regensburg and its surrounding area

Regensburg is not the only place where you can experience and discover interesting things. The nearby surrounding area with all its diversity is very beautiful and definitely worth a visit. No matter if you’re interested in the region’s history or if you just want to enjoy the open nature: from our holiday flat and throughout the year you can undertake trips to the surrounding area of Regensburg.

From the past

If you want to learn more about the past of Regensburg and its closer environment, you should visit one of the numerous open-air museums in the near Bavarian Forest. The open-air museum Finsterau gives you a good insight into the world of the Middle Ages. Among historical farms and cottages you can watch traditional craftsmen and blacksmiths doing their work.

The open-air museum in Tittling also invites you for a visit into the past. Among other things, there are historical farmyards with its cosy sitting rooms, a chapel, and an 18th century school building. If you decide to visit the village Weinfurtner you can find out how ornate vases and jars are being created and you can watch a glassblower at work.

Places of interest and destinations for day trips

You may not be able to visit everything at once because there are just too many destinations to choose from. Nevertheless we would like to recommend you to visit at any rate the picturesque village of Kallmuenz, the pantheon “Walhalla” at the river Danube and the Nepal Temple in Wiesent. Also worth seeing is the Tower “Kuchlbauer” in Abensberg by famous artist Hundertwasser as well as the Danube Gorge, Weltenburg monastery and the “Befreiungshalle” in Kelheim.

Animals in the Bavarian forest

If you want to spend a holiday in Regensburg with the whole family you should take the opportunity to visit one of the Zoos in the region. Close to Deggendorf “Gut Aiderbichl” is located:  a germanwide unique living quarters farmyard for animals, which were saved from the butcher’s hands. When the place was founded in 2006 there were only some horses but today its home for all kinds of animals.

Local animal species of the Bavarian forest can be watched at Lohberg Animal Park. The park is divided up into several areas. You can find a mountain forest with chamois, groundhogs and capricorns, a primeval forest where crossed vipers and lynxes live and also a raptor centre, inhabiting eagle owls, eagles and hawks.

Another interesting day trip destination is the Schulerloch stalactite cave.